TVR breaks radio silence by announcing a new funding and technology partnership!

Today, TVR announced a new funding and technology partnership with leading lithium innovator Ensorcia. But should you be excited?

There has been much uncertainty about the future of TVR for some time now. It’s been 4 years since the launch of the new V8-engined Griffith, designed by legendary Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray. However, since then there has been very little, if any, communication about the company’s future.

TVR enthusiasts could only presume the worst and the online discussion shifted towards speculation. Is this the end of TVR? Will we ever see the new Griffith on the road? If you won the Euromillions would you save TVR? Can they even be saved?

Well according to Les Edgar himself, TVR can be saved, and this new partnership is a ‘milestone in our mission to rejuvenate and futureproof our iconic British brand’.

But don’t celebrate too early because it looks like the partnership will provide significant funding for the formation of a joint venture in the electric vehicle space. Silent TVRs! Peter Wheeler will be turning in his grave. I suppose we’ll just have to embrace the change.

The production development of the V8-engined Griffith will however receive funding, so there’s one soundtrack to look forward to. It is worth pointing out however that the construction of TVR’s new factory, the Ebbw Vale facility, is still in its early stages. So the new Griffith might not be so “new” by the time it’s all finished.

So a new trajectory for TVR in the form of EV. Is it time to say goodbye to the loud gas guzzlers that we all know and love? I hope not.